DSP/FX Virtual Pack

DSP/FX Virtual Pack 1.0

The DSP-FX Plug-Ins are the most versatile effects available
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Since 1993 Power Technology has been producing the award winning set of audio effects known as the DSP-FX. During this time the DSP-FX has gained worldwide acceptance and become the standard in the industry for providing world-class quality effects processing.

The most important aspect of any audio effect is how well it sounds. While sound quality can be extremely subjective, the general consensus from both reviewers and users alike is that the sound quality of the DSP-FX Plug-Ins compares very favorably to the top effects processors available at any price. In fact, Electronic Musician Magazine gave the DSP-FX it's top sound quality rating of five stars.

One important factor contributing to the exceptional sound quality is the fact that all of the effects internally use 32-bit floating point arithmetic for all calculations. This gives the effects an incredibly low noise floor without the harsh "digital" sound associated with most other processors and plug-ins which use 24-bit fixed point arithmetic.

The other factor is the quality of the algorithms themselves. The Power Technology engineers have spent over ten years developing and improving the algorithms. In addition, many of the world's top producers and recording engineers have assisted Power Technology in refining the algorithms.

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